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Introduction to Material Specifications for Construction Fence Production


There is a lot of noise and dust at the construction site, and the environment is poor. Many of them are disorderly and there are many items piled up. In order to protect the safety of passing pedestrians, reduce noise and environmental pollution problems, it is necessary to set up fences in the surrounding areas. Fences are generally divided into fully enclosed and semi enclosed forms. Construction projects are fully enclosed, and the main roads or pedestrian flows in the urban area should not be less than 2.5 meters, while the rest should not be less than 1.8 meters. Generally, semi enclosed structures are more common in municipal engineering. The so-called semi enclosed structures refer to two or three sides with fences, one or two sides open, to facilitate the entry and exit of construction machinery and materials. The specific setting should be determined based on the bidding documents, drawings, on-site environment, and construction organization design in a safe manner.


Introduction to Common Construction Fencing Material Specifications

  彩钢围挡是应用为广泛的,一般围挡高2.1M,宽3.5M,是属于框架拼接,安装简单,主要用于工地施工,建筑道路施工作业;在一些楼盘施工现场,在围挡外面会有色彩鲜艳、吸引人广告宣传信息,施工围挡的应用是较为普遍的商业宣传手段。施工围挡广告在内容上要求清楚、直白、短小精悍。 彩钢板围挡的则取决于彩钢板的厚度,这是根据客户的需求来确定的。优点是拆装方便,便宜。

Color steel fence is the most widely used, with a height of 2.1 meters and a width of 3.5 meters. It belongs to frame splicing and is easy to install. It is mainly used for construction sites and road construction operations; In some construction sites of real estate projects, there will be brightly colored and attractive advertising and promotional information outside the fence, and the application of construction fences is a common commercial promotion method. The content of construction fence advertisements should be clear, straightforward, and concise. The price of color steel plate fence depends on the thickness of the color steel plate, which is determined according to the customer's needs. The advantage is convenient disassembly and assembly, and the price is cheap.



With the continuous development of urban construction, the application of green fences is gradually increasing. Paving artificial lawns on the original fence walls is low-cost and the construction is simple. Green fence panels are generally 2.2m high and 3.5m wide, mainly used for construction site greening, dust and noise insulation, temporary construction greening, large-scale activity scenery, real estate development and opening, fence greening landscape, storage area fence greening, and civilized city construction standards. In addition to basic insulation function, they also play a strong beautification role.

  pvc围挡也是施工围挡中常见的一种,PVC围挡一般常见的是高2.5M,宽3.0M底部可镂空5-50cm, 主要原料聚乙烯与钙粉的配比。PVC 围挡的主要受PVC板材料的影响。不同比例的聚乙烯和钙粉形成不同的表面。好的pvc板具有韧性好、不易折断、易碎、光滑、易清洁、阻燃、美观等特点,pvc围挡更适用于美化工地施工现场,保护施工设备材料,并可以起到宣传项目的目的。

PVC fence is also a common type of construction fence. PVC fence is generally 2.5 meters high and 3.0 meters wide, and the bottom can be hollowed out by 5-50cm. The main raw material is the ratio of polyethylene and calcium powder. The price of PVC fence is mainly influenced by the PVC board material. Different proportions of polyethylene and calcium powder form different surfaces. Good PVC boards have the characteristics of good toughness, non breakage, fragility, smoothness, easy cleaning, flame retardancy, and aesthetics. PVC fences are more suitable for beautifying construction sites, protecting the safety of construction equipment and materials, and can also serve the purpose of promoting projects.


At construction sites with conditions, prominent promotional slogans reflecting the spirit of the enterprise and the style of the times must be hung and written on the surrounding walls, dormitory walls, and other places. The height of the fence is determined by the visual effect of the pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the construction site. Generally, the height of the fence is required to be no less than two meters and no more than 12 meters. In areas that have been approved for temporary occupation, construction materials or machinery and equipment should be stored and unloaded strictly according to the approved scope and nature of use. A fence higher than 1m should be set up around the temporary area. On the construction site of municipal engineering projects, fences can be set up in sections according to the project progress or unified continuous guardrail facilities can be used according to regulations. The materials used for fence production should ensure that the fence is stable, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.


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