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Construction site enclosure refers to the measures taken to isolate the construction site from the external environment, making the construction site a relatively enclosed space.
The main purpose of the construction fence is to separate the environment of the Roadworks site from that of the external roads, making the construction site a relatively closed environment, so that the operation will not be disturbed by the outside world, and the construction will also ensure the safety of the external residents. Enclosure is one of the enclosure materials widely used in construction, and it is also a common safety protection measure for Roadworks in our life.
一 彩钢施工围挡
One color steel construction enclosure
彩钢围挡现货规格:小板(11张)高度:1.8m2.0m2.5m/宽27.5cm宽0.21厚/大板(3张)92cm宽*0.2厚/高度:1.8m2m/横梁:25*30*0.5厚/立柱:80*80*0.6/警示板:20cm宽*0.2厚 其他规格均可定做
Color steel fence stock specification: Small board (11 pieces) Height: 1.8m2.0m2.5m/W27.5cmW0.21 thick/Large board (3 pieces) 92cm W * 0.2 thick/Height: 1.8m2m/Cross beam: 25 * 30 * 0.5 thick/Column: 80 * 80 * 0.6/Warning board: 20cm W * 0.2 thick Other specifications can be customized
The characteristics of the colored steel fence:
Environmental protection and conservation: the house is reasonably designed and can be recycled. The low loss rate does not produce Construction waste and does not pollute the environment.
Convenient installation and disassembly: Standardized components are easy to install, with a short production and installation period, making them particularly suitable for emergency or other temporary projects.
Beautiful appearance: The overall appearance of the house is beautiful, with colorful decorative steel plates used both indoors and outdoors. The color is bright, the texture is soft, and the board surface is flat. The design and color matching are coordinated, with good decorative effects.
High cost-effectiveness: The building materials are high-quality, reasonably priced, disposable, reusable, and can be used as building materials to significantly reduce the amount of structural and foundation work for buildings. The construction cycle is short, and the total cost and comprehensive use cost of the project are low, resulting in a high cost-effectiveness ratio.
二 PVC施工围挡
Two PVC construction enclosures
围挡现货规格:高1.8m2m2.5m柱中3米大板壁厚0.8mm立柱:120*120*1.3厚,内衬:100*100*1.0厚横梁:50*80*1.3厚,内衬:40*40*0.5厚/注:三横梁-中横梁:40*40*110,内衬:30*30*0.5厚 颜色:浅蓝+白/深蓝/草绿/果绿+白 其他规格均可定做
Spot size of fence: 1.8m2m2.5m high, 3-meter thick in the middle of the column, 0.8mm thick in the wall, 120 * 120 * 1.3 thick in the column, 100 * 100 * 1.0 thick in the inner lining, 50 * 80 * 1.3 thick in the crossbeam, 40 * 40 * 0.5 thick in the inner lining. Note: Three crossbeams - Middle crossbeam: 40 * 40 * 110, 30 * 30 * 0.5 thick in the inner lining. Color: light blue+white/dark blue/grass green/fruit green+white. Other specifications can be customized
Fencing features:
Beautiful and atmospheric appearance, resistant to aging and fading, and less prone to aging and becoming brittle
The PVC enclosure has high strength, can withstand level 6 wind pressure, and is not easily damaged by external forces
The product is easy to assemble and disassemble. Generally, a group of three people can assemble several meters or more per day
The PVC enclosure has a low price, fast installation, and can be reused multiple times, effectively saving costs
It can be combined with insulation materials, with good insulation and sound insulation effects, convenient installation, fast construction speed, and protection of the environment from pollution
The PVC enclosure can not only be assembled in segments by protruding the column frame, but also by concealing the column form for unlimited length assembly.
三 装配式施工围挡
Three assembly construction enclosure
装配式围挡现货规格:高2.03m2.5m 柱中3.18m6.18m 白板:47.5cm*0.5 厚灰板:36cm*0.5厚 横梁:50mm*50mm*0.7厚 立柱:250mm*150mm*0.8厚 底盘:250mm*280mm*5.0厚 其他规格均可定做
Prefabricated bumper stock specification: 2.03m2.5m high, 3.18m6.18m middle, white board: 47.5cm * 0.5 thick, gray board: 36cm * 0.5 thick, crossbeam: 50mm * 50mm * 0.7 thick, column: 250mm * 150mm * 0.8 thick, chassis: 250mm * 280mm * 5.0 thick, all other specifications can be customized
Features of prefabricated enclosure:
High recycling rate, reducing procurement enterprise costs
Steel structure columns and panels can be customized in different colors using electrostatic spraying according to customer needs and the surrounding environment. Due to the flat design of the panels, promotional slogans and pictures can also be pasted as needed.
Stable structure and strong wind resistance
The prefabricated enclosure adopts a frame structure, the columns are made of national standard steel or rectangular pipes, and the baffle is formed by rolling and folding 0.9MM galvanized sheet. The key stress points of the enclosure core are composed of the diagonal bracing and transverse bracing stiffeners of the column. The triple stress protection fully improves the anti overturning stability, shear strength and Flexural strength of the enclosure. According to the force model calculation, the wind resistance level is ≤ 10 levels.
Quick installation, standardized assembly
According to the design and production standards, the size and process of the column, crossbeam, baffle, diagonal brace, transverse brace, stiffener and other components realize standardized production and splicing installation. All bolts can be installed at the construction site, so as to achieve efficient production, rapid transportation and splicing installation, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of products.
High aesthetics and cleanliness, improving the overall environment and corporate image of the construction site
The steel components of the assembled steel structure baffle can be recycled and reused, and the designed service life of the baffle can reach more than 5 years. This product has low daily maintenance rate and high recycling rate, greatly reducing customer maintenance and usage costs.